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Aila creates structured information out of unstructured project data by using artificial intelligence.

Aila was designed by engineers to engineers. Instead of spending lots of valuable time manually searching connections within your project data, Aila can now do it for you. could help your company to save millions of euros every year. Contact us and start working smarter with

The Challenge

Global engineering projects require vast amounts of meta-information, such as photos, drawings and PDF documents. This type of data isn’t typically linked, tagged, or structured. This means it isn’t easily searchable and browsable independently of the source file.

Engineering needs a system that organizes unstructured data into structured information for it to be available for intelligent search and browse. Aila was designed to do that. – AI-based Linking Assistant

Aila creates structured information out of unstructured data, like PDF documents, drawings, and photos.

Aila has multiple neural network-based machine learning models to recognize engineering information that builds a searchable knowledge base for professionals to easily and quickly find connected information.

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Aila is the result of All3D Oy’s and Koivu Solutions Oy’s partnership. We developed Aila to increase engineering data structurization and linking productivity for you. All3D has deep domain knowledge of building digital twins. The system runs on Koivu.Cloud platform and Koivu Solutions developed artificial intelligence models for Aila.

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